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09 March, 2012

Where do you come up with this stuff?

Abby . . . such a delight and joy.  Such a talker.  Such a goof-ball! 

The other morning I asked my husband how he wanted his eggs (meaning fried or scrambled).  Abby chirped up, "With sprinkles and sauce and raisins and rabbit!"  Rabbit, really?  Not that sprinkles and raisins are weird on eggs.

How to speak Abby
Butterflys - All flys
House flys - Yucky flys
Barefoot - All feets
Cupcakes - Happy cakes

A stray kitten that wandered into our yard.  This is as close as Abby would get.  She was terrified of it!

The other day she was playing with some coloured blocks.  I started asking her what colours they were.  I held up an orange block and she said, "Orange."  I held up a blue block and she said, "blue."  I held up a yellow block and she said, "Supermarket." (the supermarket we shop at is yellow)

1 comment:

mom said...

So cute. You were a great talker too. Like mother like daughter.
Love the pictures.
Hugs to you both.