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24 February, 2012

Nothing Says Love Like . . .

My very own box of brown sugar and cinnamon pop-tarts.  Sugar loaded goodness!!!!

Really, there aren't many things that I miss from the States.  I'm blessed to live in a country where the most essential things like chocolate, ice cream, and Doritos are readily available, and if I might add, a bit tastier than their cousins in America.  I am blessed

Yesterday I wasn't feeling well (OK, I was really sick) and to cheer me up a bit my husband brought home this box of pop-tarts as a special gift for me.  There is one shop in town that has pretty much any American pop, candy bar, cereal, and pop-tart flavour available, if you're willing to pay the price!  Now I know that pop-tarts probably aren't the best thing to eat when you're sick, but they sure tasted good!  No, I didn't eat all of them.

Thanks, Babe, for spending a small fortune to make me feel loved!  I love you!

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