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08 February, 2012

Space Ship and Bubble Gum Ball Machine

Bulletin boards.  Anyone who went to the same college that I did and studied teaching remembers bulletin boards.  One semester we had an assignment to make drawings (or take photos) of 30 different bulletin boards.  We then had to put them on cards to make an idea folder out of.  How I wish I had saved those cards.  You see, my Sunday school room at church (which is also the junior church room) has not one, but two bulletin boards in it.  Guess who is in charge of them?  Yours truly!  They don't get changed as often as I would like, but I do try to keep them looking nice.  On Monday I finally had the chance to change them.  I wanted to take photos of the old ones to show you, but I didn't have the camera on Sunday night and there were three teen girls willing to take down the old decorations for me then.  Hmmm . . . do I let them take the old ones down and not get photos or do I wait till tomorrow and take photos and then have to take down the old decorations myself?  Sorry, I don't have any photos of the old bulletin boards. 

Here are the two newly decorated ones:

The stars have the names of the girls in my class on them.  There are only five stars now, but we are hoping to add more as more girls come.

If you look very close, the gum balls have different pleasant words on them.  You know, like, "Please," "Thank you," . . . etc.

And now, just because no post is complete (according to my mom) without a photo of Abby, here she is in all of her glory showing off her sunnies (sunglasses).

We're still working on how to put them on. :)  Have a sunny day!

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Rebecca at Cotton+Wood said...

Those are cute bulletin boards! I miss doing bulletin boards. I had to do some in college. Then, for my Master's Club class, I was able to use an "empty" room with a bulletin board. It satisfied the "inner teacher" in me. :)