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17 March, 2012

No Shamrocks at Our House!

We don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day around here (not that I have anything against you if you do).  Why not?  Number one, we're not Irish and number two, it's Abby's birthday!  So instead of your typical green shamrock decorations around the house we have purple "twinkle stars" decorating our home.

The photo in the frame is actually the invitation.

 The Birthday girl!  She is smiling :)

The "cake."  Abby is gluten intolerent so it's so much easier to do some gluten free cupcakes and some regular cupcakes than it is to do two whole cakes!

Is it time to eat? 

Why are all these people singing to me? 

Blow hard!

Eating with friends. 

How do I eat this thing?

Not the best photo of Abby, but she loved this mini guitar.  Now she can play duets with Daddy!  Thanks, Archers, for this gift!

Looking at her book from Grandma and Papa.  Have you seen those recordable books from Hallmark?  This is the third one Abby has received from Grandma and Papa.  She loves having Grandma read her a story!

Look at all this mess!

Let's make it rain paper!

Thank you to all of our friends and family for making Abby's day special.  She has loved all the cards and gifts.  She has been so excited to check the mail each day and see if there are any more cards with her name on them!  Oh, and she has loved all the stickers that she's gotten in her cards.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Abby, we love you!


mom said...

Great pictures. Look like everyone had fun. The cupcake tree was so pretty as were the decorations.
Can't wait to see the video. Trish said she did one for us.
Love ya,

Helen Callaghan said...

Hi, BJ!! I was just able to get my blogs back up and running and my comment notification is turned on now that I have my new computer. HOORAY! I just saw that you commented on my blog almost a year ago! Ha! I am a little late. :)
I loved browsing your pictures and your blog. Your little girl is a cutie. I posted a few new pictures and short video clip of our little people. http://helencallaghan.blogspot.com/

Love you!