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14 June, 2011

A walk in the park

Thank you to those of you who prayed for our friends. We found out this morning that their power came back on last night. It was a relief to know that they had heat!

Last night was our monthly ladies' prayer meeting. We had a good time of fellowship and prayer. We've also started secret sisters. Can't wait to get going on that!

Today, Abby had her 15 month check-up. All is well with her. She weighs 11.4 kilos and is 78 centimeters long. After her appointment Daddy took us to the park! She had so much fun walking around and looking at the flowers and ducks. After a long walk we went to let her play on the playground. It's so cute to watch her walking everywhere and climbing on the playground toys. Here are some photos from today.

Walking up the hill . . .

There's so much to see!

Smile pretty for Grandma!

Going into the tunnel . . .

Coming out of the tunnel . . .
Finally, the playground!

Have you been to the park lately?


kris said...

Hey what is are the measurements in American? I really miss you guys. That pink outfit is very pretty. love ya, kris

Beth said...

11.4 kilos is just over 25 pounds. 78 centimeters is almost 31 inches.