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17 June, 2011

Baby shower

No!  It wasn't for me! 

Last night I had the privilege of hosting a baby shower/Birthday party for my friend, Silvana.  We had so much fun.   

First, some things about Silvana.  Silvana is my scrapbooking buddy.  We get together once a month and work on our scrapbooks.  She's finished 2 (almost 3) so far and I'm still on my first!

Silvana has twin boys that are almost 3 years old.  She is expecting another boy at the end of July.  She is also an awesome cook (we were all talking about that last night) and so much fun to be around.

Silvana and her husband are from Brazil.  They were both saved there and after they got married they came to live in New Zealand.  There are actually quite a few Brazilians in New Zealand.  Silvana and her husband get together with a large group of Brazilians each Friday evening and have a Bible study.

Alright, now it's time for photos.

The cake

Some of the decorations

The Birthday girl!

The guests

We had a jungle theme because that is how they've decorated the new baby's bedroom.  Here are the games we played: (I'm always looking for ideas so maybe these will help someone else)

1. Name the baby
I had a list of animals and you had to write down what the babies are called.  For instance . . .

Cat . . . kitten
Pig . . . piglet
frog . . . tadpole (get the idea?)

2.  What's in the bag
I put 11 baby items into a bag.  Each lady had 15 seconds to put their hand in and feel around in the bag (no peeking).  They then had to list on paper what they thought the items were.  The winner got 6 right.  It's actually harder than you think!

We had so much yummy food and great fellowship together!  Happy Birthday, Silvana!  I hope this new baby arrives soon!

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Kris said...

Great job on the cake and decorations.