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24 June, 2011

Big Bus Blowout 12

This past Sunday was our annual Big Bus Blowout.  What is that?  I’m glad you asked!  This is the anniversary of our church’s bus ministry.  We always have a Birthday party at church this day and try to get as many children to church on the buses as we can.  We do something different each year, but here is what we did this year.

We started out the day with donuts and juice for breakfast on the bus.

Here are some of the children waiting for church to start.

During the main church service we had a choir made up of all the 5 – 7 year old boys and girls.  They sang the books of the New Testament.  They all did so well.  Their Sunday School teachers have been working very hard with them on this and all that work paid off.

One of the highlights of the year is the awards.  Each year we choose a child who has been faithful to church and has a good attitude while they are in church.  Here is this year’s winner. 

After church the bus that had the most children won a Birthday cake.  Our bus won!  The cake was YUMMY!

On the way home we sang songs and played games. 
This year the children were so well behaved.  Sure they weren’t perfect, but they impressed me.

On Saturday I had the privilege of visiting with two of the teen girls from church.  At one of the houses we went to we started to talk to a young girl and her brother that usually come.  They were starting to get really excited about coming.  While we were talking their Mum walked around the corner of the house.  “Oh,” she said, “I think we are all coming tomorrow.”  On Sunday morning we took the bus around and sure enough, Mum, Dad, and all 5 children were ready to hop on the bus to come to church! 

Saturday afternoon we went door-knocking to see if we could find any new children to come with us.  We went to one house and met a Dad and his son.  We asked if the young boy would like to come and he hesitantly said yes.  On Sunday morning we went around and he was ready and waiting for us!

We ran two buses on Sunday.  A bus (our bus) had 66 riders and B bus had 48 riders!

My husband is planning on going to visit the family that came as well as the parents of some of the new riders.  Please pray that he’ll have a chance to witness to them.

Praise the Lord for a great day!

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