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05 November, 2012

Sunday Blessings

Photo taken at the Winter Gardens in Wanganui

Yesterday it was our family's turn to ride the bus to church and look after the children.  We had 29 children ride to church with us and one adult (the Mum of one of two of the children-her name is Renee).  When we arrived at church I noticed another Mum (her name is Nicola and she has never come to church before) with her daughter.  I thought she had just dropped her daughter off for church and would leave, but she stayed for Sunday school and church.  This was such a blessing.  About 10 minutes later another lady (Ruby) who has never been before walked in and sat down for Sunday school and church.  What a complete surprise and blessing.  

Because I was on the bus I didn't get a chance to talk to these ladies much, but some of the other wonderful people in our church took the time to sit with them and talk to them.  We found out that Nicola has a brother that was seriously injured in a chemical spill at his work place this week.  He was taken to a bigger hospital out of town to be treated and things were not looking good for him.  Nicola said she prayed and told God that if her brother lived through the first night she would be in church on Sunday and every Sunday after that. Her brother is still alive and she kept her promise to God.  Please pray for her brother, though, he is still in serious condition.

Would you please join us in prayer for these three ladies, Renee, Nicola, and Ruby?  

God is so good!

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Mom said...

Will b praying. Hope to meet them in a few weeks. Lov ya, mom