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21 November, 2012

Just for Papa

My dad likes guns. A LOT!  He likes to shoot them, collect them, and refurbish (is that the right word?) them.  So this post is just for him.

Abby was sitting at the table last night eating her tea when she called for me, "Look, Mummy, I shooting the infantry."  I turned around to see her using a piece of lettuce off her sandwich for a gun.  (In case you're wondering, she was singing "I'm in the Lord's Army" she just got the words mixed up a bit.)

I also realized I never posted this picture for my Dad.  He sent this Daisy Red Rider BB gun over for Abby.  Don't worry - it's not loaded in this picture, it is kept in a safe place where she can't get it, and she has clear instructions not to touch guns without Mummy or Daddy around.  Gun safety is very important to us and when she gets older we will teach her how to use them properly.  For now, she just doesn't touch!

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