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24 August, 2012

Photos from June

Thought you all might enjoy some photos from a typical Sunday here at Grace Baptist Church.  Each Sunday we send out a bus and two vans to pick up people for church.  We mostly pick up children, but over the last couple of months we've had several parents ride along as well.  Every other week our family rides the bus and leads the programme for the children.  Abby loves riding the bus and all of the children love her.   They are always wanting to sit by her, hold her, or talk to her.  She loves the attention.  Every Saturday we go out and visit the children that ride on the bus.  If Abby is not with me the first thing the children ask is, "Where's Abby?"  So without further ado . . . here are some photos of the bus from June.  (Thanks to Steve Greig for these photos.)

June was a pretty quiet month for us here.  We did have two Birthday parties, however.  The first was for a little boy in our church who turned one.  This was the gift I made for him.  I got the idea from here.  The rooster is my favourite.
 The second Birthday party was for my mother-in-law.  Here is Abby helping to blow out her candles.  I won't reveal how old she is! :)
This next photo is especially for my family.  Look like anyone else you know?  I'll give you a hint, her name begins with an "A" as well.
 And last but not least, Abby and her tea set.  I've had the silver tea set since I was young, it's nice to see it played with again.  Now I have an excuse to play with it again.  We've had lots of tea parties.

 And that's all for June!

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mom said...

Great pictures. She does look like Adrianna. Can't wait to come & enjoy a tea party with Abigail and you.
Great to see so many kids on the bus.
Sure good to see the next generation love the bus ministry and of course the bus kids. Love ya,