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09 August, 2012

Happy Easter

If you missed my last post, I am behind and trying to catch up.  These photos are from our Easter party in April.  In New Zealand, we have several days off for Easter.  We have Good Friday - this is a public holiday and nearly all of the shops are closed.  We have Easter Sunday - again nearly all of the shops are closed.  Monday is also a public holiday (Easter Monday), but most of the shops are open on this day.  So basically we have Friday to Monday off.

On Good Friday we decided to get some of our friends and their children over to have an Easter party.  Yes, the children got lots of chocolate and lollies.  Don't worry, on Sunday we made sure they learned what the real meaning of Easter is.

Abby and Friends

Craft Time
(I love handprint crafts.  Each year you can go back and see just how much bigger the children have grown.)

Morning Tea Time

Easter baskets and bunnies to take home

Getting ready for the egg hunt

Enjoying the spoils

The Dads

It was such a fun morning together with friends.  The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time together.  Thanks to Silvana for the photos.

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