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05 October, 2011

3 months, really?

Has it really been 3 months since I last posted?  Wow, so much for getting better at this blogging. :)  Well, I suppose I'd better catch everyone up with what's been going on around here.
At the end of July to the beginning of August my husband got to go to a preaching conference in Australia.  He had an amazing time and came back refreshed and ready to move the church forward.

After he got back, we had a surprise Birthday party for him at the church.  I won't tell you how old he is, but look at the candles on his cake.

On the 19th of August my husband and I celebrated 6 years of marriage.  We were blessed to be able to get away for a day.

At the end of August we moved house, again.  This is our 7th move in 6 years of marriage.  We had no intentions of moving this time.  Our landlord's house had sold quicker than he thought it would and so his family had to move into the house we were renting until they could move into their new home.  Below is a photo of the front of our new home.  The rent for this house was out of our price range, but this was by far the best house and area we had looked at.  After praying about it, my husband talked to the landlords and they were willing to put the rent down to a price we could afford.  Isn't God good!  Hopefully we will be here for a few years.

About two days after moving into this house we started Abby out on a new diet.  She had been having some stomach problems.  We had already eliminated dairy products and bananas from her diet because of eczema, so we took the plunge and eliminated more things to see if we could help her out.  Right now she is on a dairy free, egg free, gluten free, citrus free, and corn free diet.  She is doing really well on this and her stomach problems seem to be going away.  It is quite hard to find recipes though! :)

The first Sunday in September was Father's Day.   Abby was so happy to spoil her Daddy on this day.  I had every intention of taking a photo of the two of them on Father's Day, but it didn't actually happen.

Nick and I also got to watch the Cold War.  Let me explain.  The Rugby World Cup is being held in New Zealand this year.  We went to watch the USA play Russia.  The media had been calling it the Cold War.  I'm pleased to say, the USA won.  What!  You didn't know the USA had a rugby team?

Also in September, our car was sent to the garage for its 6 month warrant.  Every 6 months you have to take your car into a certified mechanic and make sure it's safe to use on the roads.  We knew our car would have to have some work done, but weren't prepared when the mechanic told us it need $1,000 worth of repairs done.  He advised us not to put that much money into our car because, in all honesty, it's not worth much more than that!   My husband asked for a couple of days to think and pray about it.  Three or four days later he called the mechanic back and told him we would just like to get rid of the car.  The mechanic (who is saved, and a friend of my husband) apologized and said he was sorry for going ahead without my husband giving the word, but he and some of the men in his shop had done the labour after hours and had found some really good second hand parts and had finished the job already for $350.  Praise the Lord!  Another blessing about our car was that my big brother heard about our problem and gave us $500 to help with repairs or getting a new car.  Do you think he wants change back?

God has been so good to us always.  It is a blessing to serve Him.


Rachel Johnson said...

Love the house!!!!!

Jenn said...

So good to hear how God is blessing! You are an Amazing Lady! Your brother doent want his change!! LOL!