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12 July, 2011

Life in the Windy City

I know for all of you who live in the States you think Chicago is the "Windy City."  Well, here in New Zealand we have the real windy city - Wellington.  Last week we got the opportunity to spend a few days in Wellington for a preaching conference.  The messages were so encouraging and what a blessing it was to spend time with fellow believers.  Here are some photos from our trip. 

The host Pastor (Bro. Ariel Castro) leading the singing.  The singing at conferences like this is amazing.  

The special music was also a blessing.  Each night this choir sang a different song.  They had been practicing for months.

Our group after the last service on Friday night (minus children)

Abby and her new friend (Nathaniel-Pastor Castro's youngest son).  Normally Abby is not shy at all, but she picked this week to go through a clingy stage.  All week the only people she wanted to be around were her Dad and Mum.  If we both tried to leave the room she would burst into tears.  By the end of the week she seemed to have gotten used to all the new people and she finally let Nathaniel hold her.  He had been trying all week!

There was so much going on all week.  I kept forgetting to get the camera out of the nappy bag to take photos.  We were blessed so much to be able to be there.   

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mom said...

Poor little girl, she doesn't look very happy at all. So glad you could go and get refreshed in the windy city. Wellington is beautiful.