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12 October, 2011

An Amazing Sunday

Wow!  Last Sunday at church was amazing.  On Saturday my husband had invited two adult men, a teenage boy, and an 8 year old boy to come to church on the bus.  On Sunday morning we were all pleasantly surprised when they got on the bus.  The teenage boy got saved during Sunday school.  The two adult men came forward during the invitation and both got saved.  The little boy got saved in Junior Church along with 6 other children.  My husband said both of the men came down the aisle as fast as they could at the invitation.  What an awesome God we serve!  Please pray for these men that they will continue to come to church and grow spiritually.  The adults' names are Huri and B.J.  The teenage boy is named Arvill, and the young boy is named Brendon.

Also on Sunday morning we went to pick up one of our most faithful bus riders, a young girl named Summer.  When we arrived at her house she was waiting outside with one of her friends who was going to come to church with her.  Summer decided at the last minute that she didn't want to come to church and ran away down the street.  Her friend decided that she was going to come to church anyway.  As the bus was pulling away from the house, we turned around and saw Summer running after the bus.  She changed her mind and decided that she was going to come!  We gladly stopped the bus and let her get on.  Please pray for Summer that she will stay faithful to church.

One of my responsibilities on Sunday mornings is to teach the teenage girls' Sunday school class.  This Sunday there were 5 girls in my class (all a bunch of chatter boxes!)  I was a bit concerned that they weren't going to stop talking long enough to let me teach the lesson!  They did stop and we had a wonderful class together.  Please pray for these girls.   They all are 12 and 13 years old and all except one of the girls come to church without their parents.  From previous experience this is the age when many of them drift out of church.  This particular group of girls seem so interested in church.  We need to win their hearts.

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