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22 May, 2011

She's Walking!!!

******News Flash******

Abby Is Walking!

About two weeks ago we were helping some friends pack up as they were moving. I was in one room helping and Sarah (the oldest daughter of the friends we were helping) came rushing in all excited that Abby had taken a few steps. I was excited and put Abby down to try again. She took 2 steps that I saw and that was it for about 5 days. She then took a couple more steps in creche (nursery) on Wednesday night. That was it again for almost a week. Last Tuesday I was out for the afternoon and my husband was watching Abby. I called to ask him a question and while we were on the phone she started walking (this was the first time he had seen her). When I got home later she was still taking a few steps. Each day she has been walking more and more. She looks like she's concentrating so hard when she's walking. It's so cute. Here she is today taking a few steps. She gets so excited with herself (and so do Daddy and Mummy)!

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