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24 May, 2010

A Pig Farmer And His Favourite Little Piggy

The famer and his piggy :)

Friday night we held a progressive dinner for the church youth group. Each time we do this we pick a letter from the alphabet and the teens have to dress in a costume beginning with that letter, and the food at each house also has to start with that letter. This year the letter was, "P." Because we were having the main course at our house Abby and I dressed up too. Abby was dressed as a pig and I was dressed as a pirate. Since Nick was driving one of the cars he had to dress up as well and decided that he would dress as a pig farmer and carry around his favourite little piggy. Although they probably won't admit that they like dressing up, I think the teens really do. They were quite excited about this activity.

The group at the first house - I'm not sure what the boys were doing!

Pirate, Pig Farmer, and Piggy

For the main course at our house we had pizza, pasta bake, potato chips, and pop. We were the second house they came to and some of them had eaten so much at the first house that they weren't even hungry! I hope they all had a great time because I certainly did!

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