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15 May, 2010

International Dinner

Well, time has once again slipped away from me before I could write a post about it! Last night we had our annual International Dinner at church. This is one of my favourite things we do together as a church. Why? Because I love to eat and there is always so much good food. This year we had food representing these countries:

Mexico (nachos and fiesta chocolate cake)
India (butter chicken, rice, pumpkin, chicken, and some sort of pancake thing with potatoes and onions)
Fiji (casava and fried bread with spicy mince)
Italy (spaghetti, lasagna, and pizza)
Scotland (scones)
Germany (I can't remember)
China (fried rice, spring rolls, and mantou)

Waiting to eat

Two of the countries, India and Fiji, had food made by people who are actually from those countries. It was so good! I was very happy that there was casava made by the man from Fiji. I ate way too much of everything!

My table

I did China this year. While looking for some sort of dessert to make I found a recipe for "Golden Mantou with Condensed Milk." Basically, it's fried bread and you serve it with sweetened condensed milk to dip it in. It was yummy.

Nick also had some geography games for everyone to play. He split everyone up into three teams and we competed together to win. For the first game he gave each person the name of a country. We then had to go to a world map (no names of any countries on it) and put a dot where we thought that country was. I am horrible at geography and was given the task of finding Vietnam. I marked the Philippines as Vietnam. Oops! Later, after we ate and ate and ate some more, we had a geography quiz. The team I was on was leading the whole way through, but we faltered at the end. We lost by one question.

8 weeks old

Abby is still gaining weight! She was weighed on Thursday and weighs 12 pounds 4 ounces. This Monday she will be 2 months old. I can't believe how the time has flown!

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raising3princesses said...

The fried bread dipped in sweetened condensed milk sounds wonderful! Do you have the recipe still?