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25 January, 2012

Sunday Soul Winning

On the third Sunday of each month at Grace Baptist Church we have Sunday Soul Winning.  I would like to tell you a few stories from what happened two weeks ago at Sunday Soul Winning.  One of the groups that got sent out together was my mother-in-law and a teenage girl that rides our bus named Chrystal.  As they were heading out together from the church my mother-in-law looked at Chrystal and said, "So, Chrystal, why should God let you into Heaven?"

Chrystal replied that she didn't know why she should be allowed into Heaven.  My mother-in-law then had the privilege of sharing with Chrystal how to be saved and she was saved that afternoon! 

My husband and another man were able to go to the home of a lady who has been attending our church for a few weeks.  At church that morning she had put up her hand during the invitation indicating that she was not yet saved.  My husband hoped that this would be the day he could show her how to be saved.  He went to her home and was able to witness to her.  She didn't get saved.  She says that she has a lot of baggage to deal with first and she just can't get saved right now.  Please pray for this lady.  Her name is Carol.  She still comes to church and my husband says he can tell while he is preaching that she is under conviction, but she just won't get saved.  She reads her Bible daily and in two months has read from Genesis to Numbers and is now reading Deuterononomy (kind of puts me to shame).  Please pray for this sweet lady that she will realize that Jesus is the answer to her problems.

Another group that went out was able to meet a family that has just moved into the area and are looking for a church to go to.  They were supposed to come this past Sunday and didn't.  Please pray that they will come.  They live just around the corner from us, so we have been by to see them once already and plan on doing so again.

A few other good contacts were made that day and we look forward to what will happen at the next Sunday Soul Winning!

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