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22 July, 2010

Youth Rally, Noisy Neighbours, Sick Baby, etc. . .

Our Youth Rally this year was GREAT! Last year we had 55 people total. This year we had 67 teens and 89 people total. The teens had such an awesome spirit. The Youth Rally began on Friday night with an activity and then on Saturday morning we had two preaching sessions and finished with lunch. On Friday evening before the activity started there were a bunch of teens just hanging around the church waiting for the activity to start. So what did they do? They gathered around the piano and found one of the teen girls that could play the piano and then they started to sing hymns. It was so awesome to walk into the auditorium and see a group of about 30 teens singing hymns! The preacing on Saturday was great and we heard of many good decisions that the teens made. This year we had teens from 9 churches across the North Island that attended. Praise God for a good turn out!

Youth Rally Group Photo

On a completely different note . . . as some of you may know, we recently moved out to the country. We were so excited - no more busy streets and no more noisy neighbours that played loud music (if you can call it that) at all hours of the day and night. Boy were we in for a surprise the other night when our neighbours started being really noisy. Here they are:

Our "noisy neighbours"

I must say, I would rather have their noise then our previous neighbours.

Abby has her first cold. :( She's stopped eating as much and just wants to sleep. Poor baby. On Monday night she rolled all the way over for the first time! For several weeks she's been rolling unto her side, but on Monday night she made it all the way over. I was in the kitchen cooking tea and she was in her room playing on the floor. All of the sudden she started crying and when I went to check on her she had rolled over from her back to her stomach. She hasn't done it again since then, but we keep hoping we'll catch her doing it.

Taken last week before she got sick

On Sunday were are going to get family photo taken. I'm so excited! I've been wanting a professional photo done for quite some time. Abby was given a really cute green shirt in a box of hand-me-downs so I made this skirt for her to wear with it. My husband already has a green tie that matches really well, so we'll all be wearing black, white, and green for our photo. I can't wait!

Abby's "new" outfit


Jenna said...

I'm so sorry your precious Abby got sick! She is really cute :)
We are praying for you and praising God for thewonderful time you have had.
Jay, Jenna & Bekah, Amy, Thomas, Caleb, Maryrose

Lishak said...

I love the skirt you made! That outfit is adorable! :)

Laurie Whitehouse said...

The skirt is absolutely cute! Great job!