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05 June, 2010

Pardon The Mess

Have you ever gotten the incredible urge to be creative? On Thursday morning I woke up and wanted to make something - something really creative. So, I decided to make Abby some clothes. I only had two small problems, though. First, I didn't have any patterns in her size and secondly I didn't have any fabric. What to do? Someone recently gave us quite a few womens hand-me-downs. None of them are anything I would personally wear and there were a lot of pants in there which we wouldn't want to give away. After rumaging through the clothes I found two pairs of jeans. I decided to make Abby a skirt and a dress from them. I just used her measurements to make the skirt and one of her other dresses as a pattern for the dress. I think they turned out adorable. The dress is my favourite! Now I'm done being creative for awhile!
She was getting a bit sleepy in this picture.

I think she likes her dress!


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

You are amazing! These outfits are adorable ♥

Beth said...

Thanks, Mrs. Fink!

Abby and Gabriel said...

oh Beth! youu are so blesses with such an adorable baby!! she is the most preceios thing your heart would/could/will ever desire. treasure every minute with her, they go quick.
Abby xx