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19 June, 2010

I'm Still Here!

Just wanted to let you all know that I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Our computer got fried a week or so ago and we are waiting to replace it. We all are doing well. Abby continues to get bigger and bigger. She has recently started putting everything in her mouth. Her hands, her bib, her blanket, her toys, etc. Anything she can get in her hands goes into her mouth. On Wednesday, the 17th, she turned 3 months old. She was supposed to have an appointment on Thursday with the nurse to get weighed, measured, etc., but the nurse had to cancel. We are still waiting to hear back when the nurse will be able to come. I was really looking forward to having her weighed. Oh, well, another couple of days won't hurt anyone.

Tomorrow is the 11th anniversary/birthday of our church's bus ministry. Every year we do something fun to celebrate. It is called the Big Bus Blowout. We always do something special for the kids that are so faithful to ride the bus. This year we have "Birthday presents" that we are giving away. The kids get points for bringing visitors and also a chance to spin the "winners' wheel" for a chance to win more points. The top winner will get to choose from an assortment of "Birthday presents" whichever they would like. Please pray that we have a good turn out for this day. We've even heard that some of the parent's of the bus riders are going to come.

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Abby and Gabriel said...

you are so blessed! i have 4 girls and a brand new born boy (born 6 hours ago). Lily is 9, Rois (pronouced Rosa, its spanish) is nearly 3, the twins Emma and Bethany are nealy 2, and my darling Joshua Gabriel was born today! i remember having just one, my Lily, it was such a blessing! :) my prayers are with you. we are missionaries in Spain.
Abigail xxx