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21 April, 2010


Two days ago a good friend passed away. Sarah was so sweet, kind, and caring. I've lost track of all the notes and cards I've recieved from her. She was always writing notes and giving them to people here at church. She was one of the most thoughtful people you would have ever met. When my husband was in America for Bible college she was one of the few people from back here in New Zealand that kept in regular contact with him.

It's a joy to know that Sarah is in Heaven now and is no longer in pain - she is healed from the cancer that was attacking her body. She passed away with a smile on her face. She was always smiling. One thing that I loved about her is that she always laughed at my jokes. :) Not many people laugh at my jokes - probably because they're not very funny!
She was always telling people how they could go to Heaven. She would go for treatments and come back very excited to tell us how many nurses she was able to lead to the Lord. Even in her last days she kept asking my husband to come and tell her family how they could be saved. One of the last things she did was ask her Mum to ask my husband to come and talk to her family about Heaven.
This photo was taken four weeks ago. Abby was a week old and we took her to see Sarah. We had gotten out of hospital the day before and because Sarah wasn't getting out at that stage we took Abby to see Sarah as soon as we could. I'm so glad we did! Sarah was so excited to see us and to meet Abby.

We love you, Sarah, and we miss you, but know you are enjoying Heaven. We will never forget you!

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Helen said...

oh i feel so sorry for you! my heart and prayers are with you. love your blog :)