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22 April, 2010

Getting so big!

Well, our little Abby is getting bigger! The midwife was just here for her weekly visit to check on us. Abby now weighs 10 pounds 6 ounces! She is getting so big. Quite a ways from what she weighed when she was born (7.2). The midwife also measured her this time and she is just over 22 inches long.

Last night Abby was quite unsettled after church. Nick had gone to do a service with Sarah's family so we were home alone. I wanted to wait up for Nick, so Abby and I curled up together on the couch and watched a DVD together. Most of the time I just sat looking at Abby while she slept in my arms. She is so beautiful! It is an honour to be her Mum. She is such a good baby as well. Last night she slept for 5 1/2 hours. Which is great for me! :)

This photo was taken a few days ago. Doesn't she look so peaceful? We don't purposely leave her hands out. No matter how tight we wrap her she finds a way to get her hands out. She is just so cute! (no, I'm not biased at all - her Grandma thinks she's adorable as well!)


Hannah said...

oh she's gorgeos! your so blessed! i remember my baby sister :)

Rebekah Michelle Williams said...

i have Milly Georgie and Caleb David, Anne-Marie, Bethany Kayla, Abigail Helen, Thomas Andrew and Nathan James and Macey-Sarah. I watched each one of them grow and two nurse them and watch them sleep. their ages are 7mths, 4, 7, 9, 12 and 14. You are soooooooo richly blessed with such a beautiful amaxing baby :) our Abby was born 15 weeks premature.you are so blessed, babies are blessings from the Lord. May god bless you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My love
Rebekah Michelle Williams.
Ps. have lots of children! you can never ever have too many!

Lily-Suanne said...

WOW!!!!!!!! she is so big and beautiful. i have four girls, Lilymae, who is seven , and the TRIPLETS who are Rebekah (Bekah), Estella (Ella-Stella), and Katie-Sue (Kate), they are 4. They are such a blessing. people often say i havemy hands ful, but they are SUCH a HUGE blessing. i aggree with Rebekah Michelle Williams, have MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would have more but ut cost lots if you can not natrually have little babies. The triplets were conceived from expensive fertility pills, and Lilysue from IVF ((we [Brad and I] didn't know that it was wrong then)). i think that little Abby is absoloutly adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a brilliant mum (i can say that and i havn't even met you!), i see you love and adore little girl.once again i aggree with Rebekah Michelle Williams :-). We used to be missionaries in NZ! bt that was nearly 20 years ago, when i was age 18 to age 25. In fact, Brad and i met in NZ! My heart and prayers are with you :)
Lily-Suanne xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx ps. how long have you been maried and missioned in NZ! God Bless

Lily-Suanne said...

oops sorry i entered the wrong blog address i'll give it here :)

Lily-Suanne said...

oops!!!!!! i entered the wrong blog address, now one click on my tp name as you will get NO WERE! i'll give you it on this name i am using now :)

Lily-Suanne said...

oh! you should not say such a thing! Beth honey, delete that coment, i don't know who could have written such a thing about your beautiful angel!!!!!!!!!11 she is the most adorable thing in NZ! ps. i gave the wrong blog address but i HAVE givin you the write blog address now, just click on the name :)